September 1, 2013 – Sunday School Lesson

God Creates It All! (Beginner, Primary, and Junior)
Praise the Creator (Intermediate- Senior)
Everything We Need (Young People-Adult)

Scripture Focus:
Psalm 104: 1-4,24,27-29,31-33 (Children)
Psalm 104: 5-9,24-30 (Youth & Adult)

Lesson Concentration:
All humans have some basic needs that must be supplied in order to sustain their daily lives. Where can Christians find a reliable source to assist them in acquiring what is needed? The psalmist tells the reader that God’s hands are fill to overflowing with the resources needed by everything God created.

By the end of the class session, the students should be able to do one or more of the following:

  1. Review how God is the source of everything needed by all creation.
  2. Understand how we an know God
  3. Compare David’s account of creation with the Genesis account
  4. Understand creation’s dependence upon God
  5. Specify for what David gave God praise
  6. Recite the Key Verse

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