September 15, 2013 – Sunday School Lesson

We All Make Choices (Beginner, Primary, and Junior)
Choices and Consequences (intermediate-Senior, Young People-Adult)

Scripture Focus:
Genesis 3:1-13 (Children)
Genesis 3:8b-17, 19 (Youth & Adult)

Lesson Concentration:
Everyone at times has given into list or greed instead od making a right choice. Why do humans make poor choices? Genesis 3 informs readers that when temptation confronts them, God gives them the freedom to make choices.

By the end of the class session, the students should be able to do one or more of the following:

  1. Describe Adam and Eve’s “blame game”
  2. Account for Adam and Eve’s shame
  3. Describe Adam, Eve and the serpent’s punishment
  4. Recite Key Verse

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