September 22, 2013 – Sunday School Lesson

A Promise Made (Beginner, Primary and Junior)
A Sign of Assurance for the Future (Intermediate – Senior)
Never Again (Young People – Adult)

Scripture Focus:
Genesis 7:1, 12-15; 8:13; 9:11-17 (Children)
Genesis 9:8-17 (Youth & Adult)

Lesson Concentration:
A natural disaster can cause great anxiety over the safety and welfare of loved ones. How can loved ones be assured of God’s protection in the future? God said that the rainbow would remind God of the covenant to protect all living creatures.

By the end of the class session, the students should be able to do one or more of the following:

  1. Explain the rainbow as a sign of God’s protection of everything God created
  2. Describe how sin came into the world
  3. Tell what God said about God’s sinful creation
  4. Tell why God chose Noah to be saved
  5. Relate God’s instruction to Noah
  6. Describe the scene when Noah was building the ark and when the rain came
  7. Relate God’s command when the ark came to rest on dry land
  8. Describe God’s sign of the covenant regarding the Flood

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